Understanding Business Development

Who really needs a Business Development Company? What can a Business Development Company do for your Company? Why outsource your Business Development needs? Let’s start by understanding what really is Business Development.


Business Development is far more than Sales. Building accounts and expanding your customer base is key for any Company. Sales and Marketing efforts should never be discounted. In many ways, Sales is the Life Blood of any business. Creating your Brand through Creative Marketing is critical for success in sales too. Here to, effective marketers give sales professionals the tools to define themselves over the competition. However, companies with Large Sales and Marketing Departments can fail. Technology Brands like “RIM”, or Age Old Brands Like “Sears” didn’t need a better brand or smarter sales people. They needed direction from the factory to the sales floor. They needed a Business Developer who completely understood the battle for business they were in that day, while preparing them for tomorrows battle. Leveraging their current position to get the high ground on the next battle field was crucial, sadly missing, and the result was very costly. This underlines the fact that every business needs a Business Development Professional who analyzes both the micro and macro perspectives.


No Doubt your Company already has a Business Development Professional. Probably it’s you! If you are an Entrepreneur with a small, medium or large company, you are the person who steers the ship. As companies grow, they often appoint Accounting, Marketing and Sales professionals to keep the profits coming in the front door and prevent profits from being sucked out the back door. The question is, how many entrepreneurs get help to do their Job? How many ask for a fresh pair of eyes to examine their current position and their next move? A Business Development Professional will be your Ally, your support to examine what is working, what is not working and work with you on ideas for future projects. The only thing better than a Business Development Professional is a Team of them!


Outsourcing your Business Development needs to Brittas Business Development is easily the best decision for your company. Not only do you draw on the strength of a team, outsourcing means you can use us as needed, within your budget.  As part of our introduction to your business, you will receive a free initial consultation. Then we provide an Action plan for your approval. We then assign the team and get to work!

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